Dr. Debbie Hawkins

I truly believe that my umbilical cord was, in fact, a stethoscope.

I was born and raised in Guelph. My Father was a veterinarian and

founded the Guelph Animal Hospital in 1957, which was the first

private hospital at that time, in Guelph. From the earliest age that

I can recall, I wanted to be a veterinarian, because my Daddy

was. I would tag along to work with him every weekend. He taught

me so much and offered encouragement to pursue my dream. My

most lasting memories were the countless times, on Sundays; I

assisted him removing porcupine quills from dogs and performing

caesarean sections.  I begged my Father for a job and he gave me

one in the kennels, at the age of 12. I worked every weekend,

including Christmas, so my family would have to wait for me to

come home, much to their chagrin.  I then graduated to reception

at the age of 15.  I was accepted to the Bachelor of Science

program in 1981 at U of G and received my degree. I then was

accepted into the DVM program at OVC and graduated in 1991. I

have been a member of the Royal College of Veterinarian Surgeons

for 10 years.

My dream was always to do what my Father did and establish my

own practice.  So on October 5th 1998, I did just that.

I approached this endeavor with the commitment to provide the

highest level of excellence, as it pertains to animal welfare, both

diagnostically and therapeutically. I maintain that pro activity

increases the magnitude of our beloved pet’s quality and quantity of

life. I also recognize that pet owners, are the voice of their

beloved ones and, hence, my practice is geared towards the

welfare of both.

I thank you for visiting my website and I hope that we meet soon

Miranda – Registered Vet Technician

I am one of two Registered Veterinary Technicians at Hawkins

Animal Hospital. I graduated from St. Lawrence College in 2002. I

have been working at Hawkins Animal Hospital since soon after my

graduation in 2002. Most clients do not see me very often as I’m

usually in the back either taking care of our hospitalized patients

and/or drawing blood, taking x-rays, placing IV catheters, dental

scaling and polishing, assisting the doctors with surgery and

anesthesia, performing urinalysis, and don’t forget, sometimes the

most objected to procedure by our patients, doing the forbidden

nail trim! From time to time you may see me up front giving a

helping hand to the girls or providing some client education.

I currently have 3 pets that run my household, Ryley, an 11 year

old Jack Russell, who never stops his mission to find food. Tundra a

9 year old Siberian Husky, who is filled with nothing but energy and

the newest addition and newest queen of the house, Babes, a 10

year old DSH, who always wants the most attention.

Monique – Veterinarian Assistant

I’m Monique and I have been working in the veterinary field since

1992. I entered into this career through my co-op placement in

high school and loved working with animals so much that I knew this

is what I wanted to do. I have lived in Milton all my life and am

very fortunate that I don’t have a long commute to work every day.

I am the proud owner of 2 cats, Cinder, and Oscar, and recently

acquired a Maltese named Teddy. Cinder doesn’t seem to mind the

new addition but Oscar is a different story. He used to bully Cinder

and Teddy but now protects her. All in all they co-habitate quite


I have been at Hawkins Animal Hospital since 2001 and work with a

great group of people. I am so happy to be doing something I love

that it doesn’t feel like “going to work” every day.

Nina Page - Bookkeeper

Hello my name is Nina Page, I own NJP Consulting with my son

Andrew. I have been working at Hawkins Animal Hospital since

2000. I am the bookkeeper and some times Office Manager. I am

a friend and client. I have three loved animals.

Guinness a short hair black domesticated cat who is 15yrs old

Romeo a long hair ginger domesticated cat who is 12yrs old

Fergus a beautiful Golden Retriever who is 13yrs old

Lauren - Registered Veterinary Technician

I graduated from Georgian College Veterinary Technician Program

in 2012. I have been working at Hawkins Animal Hospital since

August 2013 as one of the Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT).

My interests are in emergency medicine, anesthesia, and nursing

hospitalized patients. My job as an RVT keeps me in the back

sometimes but often you will see me at reception helping other

staff or in exam rooms assisting the doctors or educating clients.

Some of the duties I perform consist of radiology, dentals, various

lab work, anesthesia, pain management peri-operative, assisting the

Veterinarians in surgery and in treatments for either hospitalized

patients or patients in for an exam.

I have a 7 year old orange female DSH named Mika. She is

extremely energetic, playful, loves talking to you and demands

attention when not given to her.

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