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Hawkins Animal Hospital – COVID-19 Update

19th May 2020 UPDATE COVID-19

Dear Friends,

It has been a long 9 weeks for sure, and we would like to thank all our Clients for doing their part in allowing us to continue to provide a safe environment for our Staff and fellow Clients. Also, we would like to thank you for your kind and encouraging words of support. Here is our Plan as we navigate the next weeks ahead:-

As a consequence of the Covid-19 Situation,  we have a considerable back-log of Elective Surgeries and Annual Wellness examinations to complete, and it is our intention, in the first instance, to honour those clients with previously booked appointments, and do our absolute best to get caught up!. In that regard, please be patient with us as we start that process. Any sick or injured pet will of course be treated as a priority.

Another very important factor is that, although the weather so far has been more like Winter, please be advised that it is time to get started on your pets “Parasite program”, and this should be done as soon as possible. We know that Mosquitoes and Black fly are around for sure, not to mention the dreaded Ticks!

Despite the easing of Restrictions we will still be restricting public access to the Practice, and we will continue a Locked Door Policy. For both urgent and most routine appointments, a Veterinary Assistant will meet you in the parking lot, update any information that was not obtained over the phone, then bring your pet into the clinic for diagnosis and treatment, in order to minimize risk to you, your pet, and our staff. The only exception right now is for euthanasia, where you and the staff will wear masks and other PPE.

To comply with COVID regulations our Veterinary Staff will ask clients vital pertinent questions concerning any possible symptoms that the client may be experiencing, or if they are recovering from COVID-19, or are in contact with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.

We will continue to conduct telemedicine consultations over the phone where possible to continue to reduce interactions, until a vaccine or treatment allows complete relaxation of physical distancing.

We shall be giving specific and detailed instructions and information to those Clients who will be bringing their pets in for any Surgical Procedure Admission, on a case by case basis.

As previously stated, our doors remain locked, so please call our Reception to order your Prescriptive Foods and Medications, and please give us as much notice as possible to prepare your order, to minimise any inconvenience to you. Please prepay over the phone. We will attach the paid Invoice to the goods or we can send by email.

Please feel free to call for advice on these and any other matters or concerns you may have.

 If you come to the clinic without calling ahead, please call us from the Car Park, or knock on the Front “Dog Reception” door and wait for a staff member to come out to you, maintaining the 6 foot (2m) physical distancing guidelines.

After-hours emergencies continue as usual; please call the number given on our voice mail message.

Our very best wishes to you all, Stay well !

Dr. Debbie and all the Staff.

9th April 2020 UPDATE COVID-19

Temporary Change to Hours of Opening Due to COVID-19 Contingencies

Until further notice, we will not be opening on Saturdays. We appreciate that that may be inconvenient for some, so we would urge you to pick up your Prescriptive Foods and Medications on days through Monday to Friday.

Similarly, owing to Staffing changes, we may close earlier than 7 pm on a week day, and as previously advised we ask that you to ALWAYS call ahead, prior to your arrival here at the Practice. Please see previous Covid Updates 23rd March and 1st April for detailed advice.

We are also Closed Good Friday 10th April 2020.

In the case of a pet emergency, after hours, please call Burlington Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital at 775 Woodview Road, Burlington on
Telephone 905 637 8111

Wishing you, your family and your pets well…. and please, as I say every year, “do not let your Dogs eat chocolate” 🙂

Take Care, best wishes,

Dr. Debbie.

1st April 2020 UPDATE COVID-19

Please be advised of the following information which should be read in conjunction with the previous update 23rd March:-

Dear Friends and Clients,

Our Front doors remain locked, as we continue to implement stringent protocols, but we strive to continue to provide medical care for your sick pets. You are also still able to order and pick up Prescriptive Foods and Medications, by calling ahead. (905) 875 6888.

To reiterate, all elective surgery and routine wellness appointments are postponed for the time being. We will immediately advise clients when that situation changes, which hopefully will be soon!

We are aware that many of our client’s pets are due their Rabies Vaccines this time of year, and we would urge those clients to call us for advice.

Similarly, we are encouraging clients to get started on their Annual Parasite Prevention program as soon as possible. This week, we have had two cases of dogs with “ticks attached”. Again, please call us for advice and to pick up the Preventive Medication.

 As stated in the previous Update, we strongly urge you to call ahead for advice and to order food/ medications, but If you come to the clinic without calling ahead, please call us from the car park or knock on the door and wait for a staff member to come out to you, and we stress that you must maintain the 6 foot physical distancing policy.

By arrangement, in some circumstances, we continue to offer telemedicine and Skype Consultations with a Veterinarian.  Please call for further information about this service.

Please keep well, and follow all the guidelines and recommendations. These are very stressful times for us all, but please know that my amazing and dedicated Staff and I,  will do all we can to support you and your pets.

Take care,

 Dr. Debbie.



Dear valued clients and friends:  In response to the ongoing and increasing COVID-19 threat and new recommendations from our Veterinary Association and Public Health, we are committed to further minimising the risk to ourselves and the public: Therefore, all elective surgery and routine wellness visits are temporarily postponed. We will re-evaluate the situation on 6th April.

Our door is now locked even when we are open and staffed, in an abundance of caution, we can minimize and control people flow inside the clinic. We are asking ALL clients to call ahead so that we can get your food or medication ready. We are asking for prepayment over the phone if possible; cash will be accepted if absolutely unavoidable.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have not yet sent out our Annual Heartworm/ Tick/ Flea Reminder Cards. Please be aware that “ Nexgard,”  the Tick/Flea Prevention medication, commences on 1st April, so please call us as soon as possible to pick up your April and May Doses.. Hopefully by the end of April, we can resume Heartworm Testing. We will keep you fully appraised. The monthly Heartworm Prevention Medication, e.g.  “Heartgard” is not due to be given until 1st June.

 We are encouraging our clients to call us (905 875 6888) to order food and medications,( including Heartworm, Flea and Tick Preventive Medications). These items may be picked up at the clinic, BUT our strict instructions are that you tell us the time of your likely arrival, park up in the car park and either call on your cell phone, or knock on the LOCKED door. Then step back a minimum of 6ft (2m) from the door. The staff member will then place your order outside the door for your pick up.

If needs be, we can walk the items to your vehicle, but please stay in your vehicle.

If you are unable to get out and cannot arrange someone to pick up what you need, ask us if delivery to your home is possible; we will try our best.

Urgent appointments will be scheduled as needed, and we will endeavor to meet you in the parking lot, update any information, and bring your pet into the clinic for any needed diagnostics & treatment, in order to minimize risk to you and others;

We assure you that our normal disinfection and cleaning schedule continues to be ramped up in accordance with “Covid 19 recommendations;

We are supplying hand sanitizer and tissues to be used constantly if you absolutely need to be in the clinic; however, we insist that you respect ‘public distancing’ recommendations;

We will be asking screening questions on the phone to ascertain travel history and symptom or exposure status, as well as any increased risk such as immune system compromise, in which case extra precautions will be taken;

If you come to the clinic without calling ahead, please call us from the Car Park or knock on the door and wait for a staff member to come to you;

After hours emergencies continue as usual; please call the number given on the message;